Friday, 29 September 2017


this trip was one of my favourites. a week of sunshine, beach days, good food and time with my love; it couldn't have been better. growing up i spent a lot of holidays in france, however i had never been to biarritz. having always wanted to go to this part of the country i was super excited. here are a few photos from our time there...

this was our airbnb for the week. it was super small, cosy and only a short walk from the beach.

so much amazing fresh bread, all day every day. 

what a dreamboat!

spending days on the beach whilst alex surfed, i could get used to that lifestyle

this was the first night we arrived in biarritz. we headed straight to the shop for the essentials (wine, bread and dips) and took them to the beach to watch the sunset. dreamy

crepes and nutella. more of the good food we ate during the week

for the last night of our trip, we took an evening walk around the town and watched the beautiful sunset. biarritz you are lovely.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017


Thank you to these four and many others for making my last year at university the best one! Can't believe it's all over.

Bournemouth, I love you!